The prices quoted assumes that you provide print ready files. Print ready files are files prepared professionally with appropriate bleed and meets other print ready requirements. An example of the standard business card  90mm x 55mm is shown.

Additional charges are applicable for file preparation and depends on the product ordered for print. These charges will be shown as you add your product in cart before check-out in product options.

If you have questions, we are delighted to answer them. Pls call us for detailed information.

General Instructions:

  • All artwork must be correctly sized with specified bleeds.
  • All transparency effects must be flattened.
  • Ensure all images are at correct resolution.
  • Registration marks, keylines, dielines and other non-printing items must be removed.
  • Overprints must be set correctly for desired result.
  • Crop marks, if required, are to be positioned outside bleed area.

Essential Requirements:

♥ Colours must be either CMYK or Grey Scale (no RGB, Pantone or Spot Colours)
♥ All fonts must be embedded or converted to curves
♥ Borders and typr must be within safe zone as variations may occur when trimming
♥ Ensure your artwork matches your order specifications.. (eg if you order business cards 90mm x 55mm, the artwork should be prepared for this size only)

We recommend you select the option "Pls prepare print ready files" if you're unsure while ordering online.


Paper Sizes:
The general paper sizes are shown for reference. These are the final sizes and excludes the bleed. Other common paper sizes are:
BC 90mm x 55mm
DL 99mm x 210mm
A6 105mm x 148mm
A5 148mm x 210mm
A4 210mm x 297mm 

Kindly provide bleed as required. Generally a 2mm bleed would be required from all sides. Recommended safe zone would be 3mm from all sides. For large format printing, 5mm bleed would be desired.